Monday, April 10, 2006

Welcome to the Machine.

I had a few too many days leave me dissatisfied and, frankly, pissed about what I had intended and ultimately not accomplished with my time. Hopefully this blog will help keep me on some sort of artistic ball and force me to really keep on top of things.
Artists like showing off what they've created and especially love feedback and constuctive bitchslaps about what they should and should not continue doing.
I'll begin with some of the things I've worked on very recently, not my best (the awesome way to drag in people is showing them awful examples of your work, trust me) but pretty fun. There shall be more, OH YES.

The true meaning of my name: Bacon Tussle.
8 inches by 8 inches
Walnut Ink (nib) and Watercolor

an illustration assignment I had some stinkin' good fun with. I really just wanted to draw piggies knife fightin'. They're pretty gangster.

Not Lady Jay
9 inches by 7 1/2 inches
Linoleum cut DEATH (first evar)
my idea was originally to commemorate a delicious folk tale and song through my art work. I felt compelled, infact, Linoleum was an awful choice of medium, though, and thus this is NOT a representation of the Legend of Kitty Jay or the achingly beautiful song by Wishbone Ash.

More to come. <3


Sammy said...

Yay now I can see your art!

Crono Leiva said...

You really have to post more stuff! Its all very promising, your printmaking skills in combination with your illustration abilities is a very whimsical solution.

Jack said...

nice pigs