Monday, May 11, 2009

The two are not me, the two will not be mine.

So here are two kind of grungy pieces. One was me fooling around and the other will be the June cover for HPN magazine.

I keep listening to Your Only Doll (Dora) by Laura Marling and I guess it inspired this first one. I wish I could be so free in my finals. ONE DAY.

This second one is about sanitary conditions in hospitals and infection control. There is so much room for the title and article copy, but it was pretty fun to make all those little virus patterns. Maybe I'll post them one day.

Thats all for now, but more coming this week, my lovies. <3


Nancy Muller said...

Megan, that is a final. I love how loose your line work is with the lady. If you can make the time, you should definitely do more work for yourself, maybe it will help you loosen up everywhere else, yeah? You are coming out with some mighty fine work lately, bebe all you need is confidence :)

Kali said...

I totally agree with Nancy, i really like that top one and you should try and mess around with that style more often! Really nice, and striking! Also, congrats on doing a cover! Woowoo!

sammy said...

the lady is lovely, and i love the cover, because it's not what i expect from you. <3

my word verification is "smongsh" - it's entering my vocab rotation STAT

Cateris said...

Hey, thanks for the comment! Love that lady.. the eyes are a really nice graphic element. You've got some really nice work. :)