Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Whatever will be, will be

I promised this Sketch Dump like 3 weeks ago. I'm sorry.

A quick sketch from a break at work, I liked how it turned out. Que Sera Sera is the Russell family motto.

This was originally meant to be a warm up sketch that wasn't supposed to go anywhere. Then I liked it.

Ms. Pryde! A quick collage done for the DAS X-Men theme!

This is my response to the movie The Duchess. It was so unexpectedly depressing.
I have a weird love for greyhounds. One day I'm going to get one and smother it with love.

I've started a new sketchbook and I've actually been forcing myself to use it. Here is a little taste of some of whats been going on inside of it. I think I'm actually daunted by attempting a "real piece" right now. I need to just give myself a project and do it.

I know I keep disappearing guys, I'm sorry. Life is a hectic hectic hectic place.
I will be posting some freelance soon, though! Hoorah!


Kathleen Toohey said...

I love your response to the Duchess. Very sexy.

Kali said...

The duchess---I know, right? Weirdly depressing? I thought it might be more along the lines of Marie Antoinette or something...but yeah, at least your illustration is super sexy. :) Also, I really like your sad greyhound. The delicate lines you used in it are interesting... I'm excited to see more sketches and stuff in your new sketchbook!