Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Poor Wardrobe Choices Numero Uno

So I've been toying with the idea of doing a daily sketch for a while now. While I can almost guarantee its not going to be daily, I can at least promise it'll be somewhat regular. It will probably eventually segway into something else, just because I don't feel like I can make poor wardrobe choices forever (right, guys?....right?), but I've got fodder enough for more than a few of these.

As for the topic, I make bad choices in dressing myself almost every single day. Be it that I was born and raised in Florida and now live in Chicago, that I can't afford a proper wardrobe, or that I'm simply slow, numerous people have commented on my seeming lack of common sense in something I should've learned how to do when I was 5.

This becomes ESPECIALLY apparent in the winter.



Sorry I'm stupid, guys. :)


EDD said...

It would be funnier if it weren't so true...

Rebecca Bastian said...

THIS. I am SO EXCITED FOR IT. (I am not being sarcastic, btw)

laila aka rawfish said...

hahaha ew i totally second the "thighs on gross subway seat" which is why i've phased skirts out of my wardrobe recently. sad sad. anyway, the blog is looking lovely megan! glad to see you're still making awesome art! <3

Jack said...

Super cute!

Have you always had this style in your holster? I like your illustrative work, but I enjoy seeing a more cartoony side as well.

More arts, keep it coming!

Katy said...

Cute... :)

Judith Uzcategui said...

Btw, Tights/ leggings always help me with these cute-yet-not-so practical skirt issues.