Thursday, September 11, 2008


Just a few sketches for now, I will update with some of the jobs I've been doing later.
Had an urge to do some more involved sketchbook pages. This first one is a bit silly, but my goal was to fill the page and not think too much about what I was necessarily drawing. Figures are supppper wonky. Enjoyed my office-supply collage.

Another page. I haven't painted in so long. Was fun. I'm happy with the mans face, not the girls.
I'm excited to paint more soon!


Pearl said...

I really like your stuff!


Kali said...

Hey Megan! Nice to see some of your sketches. :) I like the colors in the top one, and that loopy handwriting! I'm interested to see what else you might come up with when incorporating type...

Sam Bosma said...

Updates plz.