Tuesday, November 04, 2008

An update 2 months overdue.

I know, I've been miserable with keeping this up to date. I wanted to post some of the jobs I had done a couple of months back for Carus Publishing. They are all nice and published now.

I'll try to get some more personal work up later this week, but I was pretty pleased with how the drawings for these two stories came out. I also did the layout for both of the stories, but I don't have a final pdf version to post just yet. I'll try and get one soon!

This first set of images was for a story entitled "The Locked Door" which ran in Muse. The story was incredibly interesting and about the study of a person's unconscious mind and how it really makes a good portion of the decisions that we need to make to get us through our day. It was targeted for 10-13 year old kids, but I found myself pretty enthralled by it.
*note: I lost my colored version of this piece, its lurking somewhere in unorganized files. Here is a quick grayscale mockup.

He was part of "The Lull" series also, but its probably my favorite thing I've drawn in a while so he gets his own special highlight. I plan on going back into him and doing a nice color job when I get the opportunity.

This next set of images were for a story entitled "The Lull" which ran in the November edition of Cicada. I was quite proud of my take on not only the story, but the layout as well. I'll try and post the PDF soon.

Well there you have it. Here is a kind of uncomplete update. I swear I'll get more regular, guys! <3<3


Judith Uzcategui said...

i absolutely LOVE the lull pieces! i think this type of stories fit your style a bit better than the other one. I love the compositions in those flood pieces! beautiful.

shaina said...


Ellen Kling said...

I don't know how I've missed out on your blog for as long as I have. Those lull pieces are the best thing I've seen all year. You said they aren't properly colored right now, but I couldn't imagine them any other way.

Also. That cat is flippin' awesome.

Consider yourself linked, little lady.