Sunday, January 04, 2009

Here is to a less draining year.

Happy New Year guys. Here is a little fashion sketch with PAPER. gasp! I've been playing with it in my sketchbook recently. I have a newly clean studio for the new year! Maybe I'll stick to some resolutions this year.

My clean-ish studio. Finally ready for some SERIOUS BUSINESS ART MAKING.

Complete with shiny new DS that Eamonn makes fun of me for playing cooking and attorney games on.

Ignore my creepy cat calender, please.


Rebecca Bastian said...

Ooooh, clean studio! Lucky girlie.

Jess Neil said...

Megan! I LOVE this blend of your usual detailed line work with the addition of a less controlled paper collage backdrop! It really adds an awesome graphic quality to your work! Hope to see more!

Judith Uzcategui said...

omg you have a showcase postcard!! i didn't keep one! :(
and your studio looks so inviting... oh and yeah, i agree with what jess said about the line/collage... i like!