Monday, January 05, 2009

Without me, you got it all

In an effort to post more often, I'm seriously going to throw up every halfway interesting thing I think I do. I played a bit more in my sketchbook this evening, and this is what happened. I think with a little more planning, I could get into this type of thing. This was only an hour or two of messing around, but I think a bit of focus could yield some interesting things.

I also need to buy an Exacto knife, for reals.

Edit: I didn't want to make a brand new post for this sketch. So I'm just tacking it on this one. I'M SENSING A THEME.

p.s. please forgive her wonky arm.


Melinda said...

My favorite on this page. I like the bare lines against the blocks of color. I'm sure there's some fancy schmancy way of explaining that using art vocabulary but I'm not cool like that.

Melinda said...

Also, love the girl in the one above, but don't love the guy so much. Something creepy about him? awkward? and she's very graceful looking so they dont mesh well? Dunno just my feelings...